Nex Gen's mission is to successfully contribute to the learning, growth, social-emotional development, and happiness of children in our community. We offer small, inclusive, and dynamic camps and enrichment programs that are safe, educational, fun, and affordable!


Nex Gen was founded in August 2020, and is co-owned by two moms who are also professional educators actively teaching in local school districts. We understand the ichallenges many families face in finding quality programs for their children that are safe, fun, and affordable.  Nex Gen was initially born as a response to the unprecedented pandemic crisis. We wanted to help families in our community by providing children with safe opportunities to thrive both academically and socially while schools were virtual. 

Since our openingwe have continued to grow and evolve to umeet the needs of families in West Orange and the surrounding area. Utilizing a balanced approach to child development, we offer a comprehensive range of programs including academic support, creative enrichment classes, vacation and summer camps, and other special events. The Nex Gen Creative Learning & Enrichment Center habecome a familiar and safe place for many children to come to learn, be active, engaged and to make new friends. 


The Nex Gen Creative Learning & Enrichment Center is located at 253 Main Street in West Orange, NJ. All programs, camps and classes are held in our beautiful, clean, and versatile space.